HEAT STYLING Techniques 

Afro Hair / Multi-textured Hair

Masterclass with MICHELLE GARANDE

10.6.-12.6.2024 BERLIN
english speaking class
Price 850,00 Euro plus 19% Vat
10 % off for follow up Students

Comprehensive 3-day program designed to master key heat styling techniques, including, blow drying, silk pressing and creative styling. Theoretical introduction to different hair structures and their classifications, recognizing and assessing hair structures on the model. Consultation and assessment of the products to be used.


Blow dry and smoothing

  • focus on hair prep
  • managing heat and pressure for optimal results without compromising hair
  • using different tools for smoothing the hair (brushes)

Silk Press Styling

  • hair prep
  • blow dry and smoothing
  • fine-tuning silk press techniques for smooth , sleek hair
  • managing heat and pressure for optimal results without compromising hair
  • styling and finish

Creative Ponytail Styling for curls and coils

  • focus on hair prep
  • blow dry and smoothing hair
  • creating the ponytail (attach extensions or style without)

What Students has to bring

  • Professional hair dryer with diffuser and nozzle
  • Afro Pick attachment for hairdryer
  • straightening irons
  • tail comb
  • 2 sided boar Bristle brush
  • Large Tooth comb
  • Cutting comb
  • Small & Medium Bristle brushes
  • Paddle Brush
  • Round brushes
  • Denman brush
  • Dressing brushes
  • Sectioning clips
  • spray water bottle

All the styling-products during classes will be provided.


Michelle Garande is a renowned Hair Educator and Hairstylist specializing in Afro and Multi-textured hair. Since starting her hairdressing career in 2012, Michelle has left a lasting impact on the Afro hairdressing industry. Since 2018, she has been providing Afro hairstyling education to leading universities, colleges, and academies across the UK, catering to students entering the realms of Film, TV, Theatre, Fashion, and salon industries.

Michelle collaborates with top West End shows, offering training and consultancy services to wig teams and hair and makeup departments for TV and film productions. Her mission is to ensure that her students gain the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to excel as experts and specialists in styling, dressing, and caring for Afro and multi-textured hair. Michelle is also the visionary founder of the GARANDE Academy located in North London.

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