deepen your skills in hair
and makeup.

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Welcome to The Makeup Council, where we share a passion for learning.

Our journey began much like yours—seeking inspiring courses to deepen skills in hair and makeup.

Take part in our exclusive workshops designed for makeup artists and hairdressers eager to improve their skills.

We prioritize hands-on learning, connecting you with top tutors from across Europe. In Berlin, we bring together national and international experts to elevate your craft, offering a wide range of courses from niche specialties to widely recognized techniques.

Our commitment is to keep you ahead of industry trends by adapting to new products and methods. Workshops are designed to fit seamlessly into your professional life, making a meaningful impact on your busy schedule, especially during movie projects, TV, or editorial work.

A core focus of ours is promoting diversity and inclusion in the makeup world. We believe everyone should feel represented, which is why all our courses are designed to meet the needs of people with all skin tones and hair textures.

We believe in investing in yourself, ensuring these workshops seamlessly fit into your professional life. The mission is straightforward: learn from the best, grow continuously, and stay at the forefront of the industry.

So join us in Berlin, and let’s take your skills to the next level together!