Melanin-Rich Skin Beauty Class

with Silke Zeitz

22.6.-23.6.2024 BERLIN
german speaking class
Price 580 euro plus 19% Vat

Learn how to avoid mistakes like the „ashy look“ and choose the right colors to achieve a harmonious appearance. From subtle nude looks to glamorous red-carpet styles. Additionally, get introduced to clean beauty products and  join the workshop to master these techniques and elevate your makeup skills with natural, sustainable products.


  • Tips for Radiant Skin: Discover how to make your skin glow and nurture it to create the perfect base for any makeup look.

  • Skin Preparation and Makeup Techniques: Learn the best methods for skin preparation and the most effective makeup techniques to achieve flawless results.

  • Perfect Color Matching: Recognize and understand different skin tones and undertones to find the ideal color match and create a harmonious overall look.

  • Avoiding Mistakes: Steer clear of common errors like the „ashy look“ and learn how to achieve a flawless finish.

  • Highlighting Techniques: Explore various highlighting techniques and their purposes to accentuate your facial features optimally.

  • Differences Between Warm and Cool Eyeshadow Colors: Understand the distinctions between warm and cool eyeshadow colors and how to use them effectively.

  • From subtle nude looks to glamorous red-carpet styles, discover how to create the perfect look for any occasion.

    What students has to bring

  • Your favorite brushes

  • Your beauty kit

  • Your eyeshadow palettes

  • Lipsticks

Silke Zeitz

From an early age, Silke discovered her passion for doing hair. She graduated as a hairstylist in 2001 and shortly after, she gained competent skills in makeup, starting her career as a freelance hair and makeup artist in Cologne and Munich.During her first years in Berlin, Silke worked part-time at MAC Cosmetics, where she deepened her knowledge of color theory and undertones, gaining valuable experience with darker skin tones. This foundation has been pivotal in her diverse career, which includes work on commercials, advertising campaigns, TV shows, films, music videos, red carpet events, fashion shows, and more. A strong advocate for sustainability, Silke integrates Clean Beauty products into both her professional and personal life. Her commitment to using natural, eco-friendly products is reflected in her everyday work, ensuring that her approach to beauty is as kind to the environment as it is to the skin. Join her workshop to learn from her expertise and discover how to create stunning looks with Clean Beauty products on melanin-rich skin.


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Melanin Skin Beauty Class