Beard and Mustache Mastery with

Hope Viktoria Watson

english speaking class
14.9.-15.9.2024 Berlin
Price 600,00 plus 19% vat

In this two-day class, participants will learn about beard and mustache shaping through face wrapping demonstrations led by Hope. Various lace options will be showcased, along with insights into dyeing techniques, including permanent solutions, and an exploration of different hair types, from mohair to Afro and Yak. A demonstration on pre-curling and perming hair will be followed by a hands-on session where mustache examples will be knotted using Afro and Caucasian hair. Hope will then guide participants through perming the Caucasian side, explaining knotting directions for achieving specific styles.



  • Beard Wrap Mastery
    How to wrap the shape of the face
    measurements for mustaches and beards
  • Block Prep
    Explore sustainable practices
  • Lace Selection
    diverse world of lace types
    Examples provided to illustrate different dyeing techniques and their effects
  • Exploring Hair Types
    Examination of diverse hair types used in beard styling, including mohair, afro, yak (tail and belly), and caucasian hair.
  • Hands-On Activity: Knotting Mustaches
    One side of the mustache will be knotted with afro hair, while the other side will use caucasian hair.
  • Style Permin
    Perm session specifically focusing on the caucasian hair side of the knotted mustache
  • Trim & Set
    Techniques for precise trimming and setting.

What to bring to the course

  • knotting hook and holder
  • thimble
  • hair matt
  • cradle and towel/ neck cushion
  • small dish for water
  • scissor (for lace)
  • Scissors (for cutting tape and cling film)
  • block (ideally a 54/56) not a display block
  • tape measure
  • note book
  • pen


Hope Victoria Watson is a maker of facial hair & wigs and Co Founder of The Wig Makers Collective. A company that makes, designs and rents everything hair related for theater,film, television and personal use.

Whilst specializing in the construction of facial hair and wigs for stage and screen, Hope is passionate about sharing her 12+ years of industry knowledge, creating an open and honest environment to learn and share techniques.

Hope learnt her craft in Northbrook College, Brighton, leaving with a First Class Honors in Theatre Arts. Whilst living in Brighton, Hope worked for The Wig Workshop making wigs for The Lion King (Disney) globally.

From here she went on to work for establishments such at the English National Opera, The Royal Opera House and The National Theatre, all based in London.

Hope managed Carole Hancock’s HUM Studio, supervising the makes for international theater productions hits like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and creating pieces for TV favorites like Sandman( Netflix), Landscapers ( Sky), and Andor( Disney).

Hope is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, running The Wig Makers Collective and continues to make for theater’s globally, along with TV series such as, Mrs Brown’s Boys (BBC Scotland) and The Rig 2 (Amazon).

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